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National Association of REALTORS

Survey of 100,000 Buyers and Sellers & what they want in a REALTOR


The National Association of REALTORS spent 14 million dollars conducting a Buyer and Seller survey to determine what qualifications they look for when choosing a REALTOR to represent them.


First and foremost Buyers and Sellers look for a REALTOR that has honesty, integrity and knowledge.  They also choose a REALTOR that has care and concern for their needs.  They look for a REALTOR with a sound reputation that provides unparalleled customer service.


Buyers and Sellers look for a REALTOR that can handle their transaction from “Contract to Closing” and make their transaction easy and faster.  They want their REALTOR to save them time and money, and to be problem solvers. 


Customers want their REALTOR to deliver what they promise and to have their closing on time.


Buyers and Sellers want their REALTOR to reduce their risk and to recover from complications that develop in many real estate transactions – such as problems with appraisals, inspections and financing. 


When choosing Mountain View Realty to represent the sale of your home you are choosing a company and a team of REALTORS with lofty ideals that are committed to providing outstanding service from the day of listing to the day of closing.


Mountain View Realty – Selling the Poconos….One home at a time!